Revelation – Chapter 12

Who is the woman described in Revelation 12?

Who is the child mentioned in Revelation 12?

I. Videos Above From The John Ankerberg Show.

II. Video Data. Opening Videos’ Speakers. Drs. John Ankerberg (M. Div., D. Min.); Ron Rhodes (Th. M., Th. D.); Ed Hindson (Th. M., Th. D., D. Min., Ph. D.); Mark Hitchcock (Th. M., J.D., Ph. D.)

III. Overview

A Dr. John F. Walvoord (Th. B., Th. M., Th. D.; 1910-2002) Revelation Commentary.

1. 12:1. The woman symbolized Israel, as indicated by Genesis 37:9-11, where the sun and moon referred to Jacob and Rachel, Joseph’s parents. The stars in the woman’s crown clearly related to the 12 sons of Jacob, and identified the woman as Israel, fulfilling the Abrahamic Covenant. J.B. Smith cites Isaiah 60:1-3, 20, as proof that the sun relates to Israel’s future glory (A Revelation of Jesus Christ, p 182).
2. 12:4. The casting down of a third of the stars out of the sky seemed to imply the satanic power which extended to the heavens and the earth. Satan was seen here to extend his power over those who opposed him spiritually or politically. 

B. Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost (Th. M., Th. D.; 1915-2014) Things To Come, 1958, pp 215, 296.

12:5. This verse can only refer to Christ, the one whose right it is to rule. The Psalmist confirms this interpretation in Psalm 2:9, which is admittedly Messianic. The one from whom Christ came can only be Israel. 
12:7-17. The dragon is seen to have seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads (Rev 12:3), which are the same as the beast possesses in chapters thirteen through seventeen. It is plainly stated in 13:2 that this individual derives his authority from Satan. This shows us that Satan is seeking a governmental authority over the woman’s “remnant” (12:7), which authority rightly belongs to Christ Himself.

IV. Scripture Text. Revelation Chapter 12. NASB. Pasted from Bible Gateway

V. Verse Examination.

Dr. Charles C. Ryrie (Th. M., Th. D., Ph. D.; 1925-2016) Ryrie Study Bible.

1. 12:1. “a woman.” She represents Israel, who gave Christ to the world (v 5) and who will be persecuted during the Tribulation (v 13).
2. 12:3. “a great red dragon.” Satan (v 9).
3. 12:4. “a third of the stars of heaven.” This may refer to Satan’s past rebellion against God (Ezek 28:13); if so it suggests that a third of the angels joined Satan and were cast out of heaven with him. Or, the reference may be to a meteor shower judgment on the earth.
4. 12:5. The earthly life and death of Christ are not mentioned, only His birth and ascension.
5. 12:6. “one thousand two hundred and sixty days.” The last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation will see intense persecution of Israel. Details are given in verse 13-17. No mention is made of the many hundreds of years between the Ascension (v 5) and the future Tribulation (v 6). See Daniel 9:27; Matt 24:14, 21; 1 Thes 4:17.
6. 12:7. “Michael …. the dragon.” This likely will occur at the midpoint of the Tribulation. Michael is the only angel designated an archangel in the Bible (Jude 9).
7. 12:9-11. Notice two of Satan’s activities in these verses: to deceive the world and to accuse the brethren. The believer’s defense against Satan is: (1) to bank on the merits of Christ: (2) to be active in witnessing, and: (3) to be willing to make any sacrifice, including death (v 11).
8. 12:9. Several judgments have, and will be passed on Satan: (1) his removal from guarding the throne of God (Ezek 28:14, 16 ); (2) the prophecy in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:15); (3) his defeat at the Cross (John 12:31); (4) his being barred from heaven (here in v 9); (5) his confinement in the abyss (20:3); and (6) his torment in the lake of fire forever (20:10). 
9. 12:14. Persecuted Israel will flee quickly as if on “wings” to an unspecified place in the “wilderness” where she will have protection and care.
10. 12:15-16 . In an attempt to dislodge the Jews, Satan will bring a flood. God then will cause the earth to open and swallow the water.
11. 12:17. Satan will then attack those who did not flee to the place of asylum.

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